What is a Charter School?

Charter Schools are a public school of choice, typically initiated by parents and/ or teachers. In Colorado, charter schools must be approved by the local school district and are thus accountable to the school district's board of Education through a charter contract. Charter schools are considered semi-autonomous from the school district in that they have their own Governing Board and can wiave certain state and local requirements. However, ALL charter schools must meet and/ or exceed state and local academic standards.
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What is Indian Peaks Charter School?

IPCS is the only school in the East Grand School District that offers:
* Core Knowledge Sequence
* Kindergarten through 8th grade in one school
* 5 day school week
* 8:10 am -3:10 pm school day
* Small student to teacher ratio (15 or less students per classroom)
* French classes k-8th
* Expeditionary Learning
* Parent run Governing Board
* Free After School Program, Mon.-Thur., 3:10 - 4:00 pm

Indian Peaks is a tuition free public school that was created by parents in Grand County who were seeking an "active" role in their child's education and believed in a choice in education, no matter your geographic location. At IPCS, parents have the opportunity to:
* Hire teachers and school administrators
* Elect/participate on the IPCS Governing Board
* Influence policy decisions
* Volunteer in the school
* Evaluate your child's teacher

By teaming up with our professional staff, parents at IPCS become an important part of the learning process and educational experience for their children. When every adult and child is fully engaged in the learning process, the benefits to the students are immeasurable!

Indian Peaks Charter School, "Developing exemplary and aware young citizens by equiping them with superior academics, virtuous character, and a passion for learning"