We have a large family and some children with special needs. In deciding where we wanted our children to go we decided to send two of our children to IPCS. The class sizes allow for special interaction and more closely met needs to the kids in the classroom. Our two children (one with special needs) love IPCS for entirely different reasons yet for also the same reasons. One says that IPCS has given her special friends and that she gets special time with her teachers. She has fun times and yet this year she has grown in unimaginable ways. She has begun to read although she has nystagmus! She understands what she is reading and she is starting to associate feelings with facial expressions!! This may sound like a normal progression but to our daughter it is a huge step in developmental goals!! She is in individualized education and the group at IPCS trained to help her, do so with enthusiasm and care!! To them we thank you all!

Our other child has made friends and has excelled coming into the program from home schooling! He has integrated and worked to be part of the group and the teaching staff has assisted in every aspect of this development. His needs were addressed and even though he is an exceptional student, they did not leave him, but instead challenged him to grow and he did!! Thanks again and we will bring our kids back next year!!


I don't know if many of you know, but I have two jobs; one at a cute little coffee shop in Grand Lake where I enjoy the aroma freshly brewed coffee all day long and nibble on pastries I shouldn't be eating; the other job of course is this one. The aromas are not quite as kind to the nose and often we teachers only have time to shove food into our mouths before we are on to another recess duty. But if you were to ask me which job brings more laughter, satisfaction and joy to my heart, you might guess my answer. It is a little school house filled with the teachers and students I love. Thanks parents, for putting your faith in me and letting me share a little piece of your children's lives.